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“My many thanks for your help. I am very grateful for all that you have done and that you have understood what a home should feel and mean to someone especially when they are raising their family in that home.

I was just telling a friend the other day why we choose Simonds and I explained how we had a Metricon and a Henley that would have also fitted on our block and that I went to each of the companies galleries and there was a lady (Ronnie) at Simonds who was the only gallery or display centre person who spent time with me irrelevant of what stage my contracts were at and she didn't even know if I was going to select Simonds in the end and I didn't even have an appointment. At that stage I knew that she was going to be the person who could help turn a bulk builder product into a home that everyone thought was an architect/designer home. That was the deciding factor as to why we choose Simonds. I vote that we change the company name from Simonds to "Ronnie".

I am also blessed that we have met and love the laughter we have and hope that your new home brings you all the joy that you have been able to give me and my family in our new "Ronnie" home.

Looking forward to having you over for a meal when the pool is finished and we can sit and enjoy life!!!”
Michael Dunne
“Further to our day at the Simonds Gallery yesterday I would personally like to advise you that the staff at the gallery were fantastic and great help with selections and decision making.

The process so far has at times been somewhat overwhelming and at times confusing especially the selection of Promotion items and understanding of what’s next.

Rhonda was both a pleasure to deal with and a wealth of knowledge in regard to our selection process. She was able to identify issues on the plan and advise solutions to correct them but more importantly she was able to understand what we wanted in our new home and helped make a very arduous task into a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

Both myself and Lucia would like to thank Rhonda and the other staff at the Gallery for their efforts.

We look forward to working with you and your staff throughout the building of our new Simonds home.”
“I would just like to thank you so much for your help yesterday! I know it is your job but you are so good at it! We are very happy with the colours and our families love the colours! Just want to see them up! We had a wonderful time!”
“We had the most fun in electrical It was easy thanks for your help.”
Regina Teaglel
“Just a quick note to say that Chloe at the Gallery was fantastic last week! She was a great help and I really appreciate the time she took to help me out and nothing seemed too hard for her. I ended up making a fair few changes, but she was just awesome with her assistance with this!”